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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mina Loy

by Patricia Whiting.

Come live with me
in a taxicab

you said;
we can keep a cat.

Instead I'm here
where slackers lounge
in the fleabag hotel
waiting out the war.

I'm here where
winter is summer
and the world
is upside down.

I'm here where
Marcel is cocooned
in his room
like some giant
chess-playing insect.

I'm here where
I watch for
your boat to appear.

I'm here with
your child in my womb.

I'm here where
tea leaves are read
and the future foretold.

I'm here like
Senta, forlorn,
and you are
my flying Dutchman
destined to sail
the seas forever
in your ghost ship.

Patricia Whiting's poetry has appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Encore, Modern Haiku, and Thorny Locust. Her chapbook Learning to Read Between the Lines (2000) was published by PPB Press. Her poetry is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Her paintings can be viewed at

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