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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miami Cult Member Selling Ruhama Canellis Dot Com

Someone has registered the domain name and is offering it for sale. The contact email address listed on the site belongs to a high ranking member of a Miami based religious cult that has been openly going after Alberto Cutie and the Roman Catholic Church for years.

by Gilbert Wesley Purdy.

On May 8th ― the day that Ruhama Buni Canellis was identified by the UPI as the love interest in the life of Roman Catholic priest Father Alberto Cutie ― the domain name was registered through the internet provider The domain was purchased under a program GoDaddy offers to maintain a domain owner’s anonymity. The listing for at GoDaddy’s WhoIs search page reads the following in lieu of the registrant’s name:
This domain is for sale
Miami City
Miami, Florida 33015
United States
A gmail contact address ( is provided. The address does not have a searchable internet history.

At the site itself, however, (just below a picture of the cover of a tabloid newspaper featuring photos of then Father Alberto Cutie involved in love play on the beach with Ruhama) the contact email address provided for those who might be interested in advertising on the site is The site is laid out on a Google Blogspot template, features Google Adsense and advertising from unspecified sources and is called simply “Ruhama Canellis”. The articles and links portray Alberto Cutie and Roman Catholicism in the most unflattering possible fashion., as it turns out, is a very interesting email address. It is one of the many email addresses of Alvaro Albarracin, a close associate of Miami Cult leader Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. De Jesus Miranda is the head and founder of the Creciendo En Gracias (Growing in Grace) church. The web site features links to a number of De Jesus Miranda’s and the church’s web sites including a site called “VaticanCrimes.US”. One unsigned post, dated May 28, 2009, reads “Father Cutie Will Marry Me Today, Thursday!”

De Jesus Miranda has declared himself both the second coming of Christ and the first coming of the Antichrist. In his theology both are the same person. In the words of Dan Matthewson, associate professor of religion at Wofford College:

In addition to its Latin American churches, the movement has also spread into the U.S., Spain, Italy, Canada, and Australia, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Total, the group claims 300 congregations with more than 100,000 members, in addition to a 24-hour cable channel based in Columbia that purportedly reaches two million homes. Telegracia, as the channel is called, airs talk shows, music videos, and sermons in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It also broadcasts a news program, which is taped in the Miami headquarters.
De Jesus Miranda preaches that the Roman Catholic Church is evil and that there is no such thing as sin. (Actually, if pressed he adds that he finds all Christian denominations pretty much equally evil.) He has taken the number 666 and the letters SSS (which he claims stands for “Salve Siempre Salve,” but, of course, just might stand for “Six Six Six”) as corporate symbols of a sort. They appear on his backdrops, his pulpits and elsewhere. His followers often sport 666 tattoos.

According to a February 2007 Fox News article, Alvaro Albarracin, whose email address appears on, “oversees corporate donations to the church and holds the title 'Entrepreneur of Entrepreneurs.'” Albarracin has many business interests himself and among them is buying internet domains for resale. This might seem to explain his interest in the domain but there is much more to the story.

It seems that Alberto Cutie and De Jesus Miranda had a heated exchange of words in early 2005. Cutie had begun preaching that De Jesus Miranda was “ignorant,” “crazy,” “schizophrenic”. The founder of Creciendo En Gracia did not take the comments well and began counter attacking Cutie on his television station Telegracia. In December of 2006, well after the war of words had ended, De Jesus Miranda suddenly brought Cutie up again. The priest, he said, was going to fall due to a scandal.

Those who have been following the Alberto Cutie stories, since he was discovered on a Miami beach in love play with a then unidentified woman, will remember that Cutie admits that he has had an intimate relationship with Ruhama Canellis for “about two years”. That would mean that the relationship began at about the same time that Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda predicted that he was going to be the subject of a scandal. The cult leader is presently circulating a video claiming that he “prophesied” Alberto Cutie’s fall. A copy has been uploaded to YouTube by Creciendo En Gracias.

While Alvaro Albarracin is a notoriously fast operator, he does not seem the type to try to sell an internet domain that seems certain to be the subject of a lawsuit against whoever might buy it ― a lawsuit that would seem just as certain to succeed. And then there is the question of just who he might be selling it for. If he himself owns the site why pay a fee to mask the fact and then list his own personal email address on the site? If he is selling it for someone else then who is he selling it for? The answer to that question might be the answer to many of the mysteries surrounding the Alberto Cutie scandal.

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